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Extraordinary Tools For Modern Music-Makers

Transform your DAW with Fuse Audio Labs. From uncompromising emulations of classic and rare studio processors and amplifiers to revolutionary new production plugin capabilities, Fuse's powerful audio tools can't be found anywhere else.

Analog Feel Meets Digital Functionality

Versatile, powerful and easy to use. We believe that revolutionary audio technology shouldn't require an audio engineering degree to operate. That's why our plugins are designed to look and function like hardware. The result is a high-powered set of audio capabilities that pack the sonic punch of beloved classic production tools built for modern and intuitive use.

The Fuse Audio Labs Story

Reimund "Ray" Dratwa is the founder of Fuse Audio Labs. With a penchant for discovering, replicating and inventing rare and unconventional audio technology, Ray brings a lifetime of experience to the audio production field. His obsession with music and audio technology began in an abandoned train station when he was in his early teens living in a small German town. There, he would find abandoned TVs, radios and stereos that he'd disassemble and use to build circuits such as AM receivers or amplifiers. He later developed a love for playing instruments like the guitar and drums and a keen interest in recording technology that he still possesses today. The combination of an early obsession with tech and a deep passion for music set the stage for Ray's mastery in the field of audio plugin development. In the early 90s he learned how to write code on 16/32 bit Atari computer systems first using Omikron Basic before switching to 68k and 56k assembly language. Ray later studied Electrical/Computer Engineering in Aachen, Germany where he mastered the fundamentals of DSP and analog modeling that would go on to inform his career. He also led an active music career during the education he received in his early twenties which involved playing drums for various local bands and recording music on a 4-track portastudio. It was around this time when Ray began exploring audio production in DAW environments like Cool Edit Pro or Cubase. Impressed by how intuitive the digital production process was, Ray experimented designing his own audio plugins for DirectX and VST2 that were written in C++.

His experience performing in and recording bands also led to a vivid passion for analog recording gear, something that would later inspire the overarching design philosophy of Fuse Audio Labs. Ray received his diploma in 2011 with a thesis centered around blind audio separation, an experience crucial in developing the DrumsSSX plugin, a revolutionary audio tool with the ability to separate individual percussion instruments within drum recordings. Ray's sizable talent and accomplishments in university soon landed him a position at the German audio software company Brainworx. In this role, he was tasked with modeling analog systems for brands like Millennia, Vertigo Sound, Elysia, Maag, ACME Audio, Black Box Analog Design and others1. Looking for a new challenge, Ray left Brainworx in 2016 to launch Black Rooster Audio with a former colleague before setting out on his own with Fuse Audio Labs. Fuse Audio Labs was founded in 2017 with the mission of creating and replicating rare and unconventional audio tools. The company represents the culmination of decades of Ray's experience and experimentation in the intersection of analog audio technology, music recording and computer programming. Ray's affinity for music gear comes out in his work with Fuse as evidenced by the way his plugins are designed to look, operate and sound like hardware. From Ray's early explorations tinkering around with circuit-building and analog recording gear to recent game-changing plugin inventions like the DrumsSSX Drum Remixer, Ray's work with Fuse Audio Labs celebrates innovation, creativity and passion for everything sound.


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News & Updates

August 17th 2019

German Rundfunk Classics Sale

The VCL-373 and VPRE-376 plugins are 66% off until the 31st of August 2019 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher code during checkout: G8JK-S3YL-RN19.

July 11th 2019

Summer Sale #2

Summer sale is on. All plugins are 33% off until the 31st of July 2019 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher code during checkout: 4FKL-3BMJ-S219.

June 6th 2019

Summer Sale

Summer sale is on. All plugins (except the VPRE-562A) are 33% off until the 30th of June 2019 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher code during checkout: F9YM-GJ3L-SL19.

May 22nd 2019

The VPRE-562A is here

Fuse Audio Labs proudly presents the VPRE-562A plugin, a faithful emulation of an all-tube amplifier from the early sixties. Provides subtle coloration and vintage grit.

May 16th 2019

May Sale

May sale is on. The DrumsSSX and Bucket-500 plugins are 50% off until the 26th of May 2019 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher code during checkout: GC9N-HJCF-D3M9.

April 18th 2019

Easter Sale

Easter sale, don't miss out. All VCL compressor plugins are 33% off until the 22nd of April 2019 (12PM CET). Use the following voucher code during checkout: C7K9-LMJ3-ES19.

Frequently asked Questions

A: To run our plugins you need at least

  • An Intel Pentium 4 compatible CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • Mac OS 10.9 or newer (Mac users)
  • Windows 7 or newer (PC users)
  • A display resolution of 1280x1024 pixels or more
  • A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host

A: Our plugins support the VST2, VST3, AAX Native and AudioUnits plugin formats in 32 and 64 bits. Our mobile apps support the AUv3 format for iOS.

A: Of course, simply download and run the installer and activate your trial by clicking the "Start Trial" button in the plugin UI. You can test all of our plugins for 14 days without any restrictions.

A: Nope! Simply download, install and test away.

A: The payment process is handled via MyCommerce®. Once your purchase is completed you will receive an email containing a product activation key. In the plugin UI click the "Activate" button or select "Activate plugin..." from the dropdown menu and enter your email and product activation key into the respective form. Click "Activate" to finish the process.

The MyCommerce/ShareIT customer care center can be reached here.

A: Please make sure to enter the activation data exactly as quoted in the delivery email and without any leading or trailing white spaces. Please also note that the entered data is case sensitive. We recommend copy/paste where applicable.

Make sure you enter the email address that is associated with your activation key according to your product delivery email. E.g. ...@gmail.com doesn't equal ...@googlemail.com.

A: No! The activation protocol is entirely offline.

A: Please get in touch using the support form and specify the plugins for which the product activation key got lost. We will restore your activation key(s) and get back to you asap.

A: Yes, we do! Please get in touch using the support form for further instructions.

A: Yes, it can be found below. We're constantly trying to improve our products so listed issues will be fixed on a regular basis. If you find an unlisted issue, please inform us using our support form.

  • Mousewheel interaction affects multiple controls on some Windows setups if GUI size is set to anything but 100% (Normal).
  • Automation issues with delay parameters when link mode is enabled in he Bucket-500 plugin. Please try either VST3, VST2 or AU as a workaround where applicable.
  • Meters exposed to the host are displayed as blank entries in Studio One's automation list in AU (e.g. VCL-4, VCL-373).
  • Slugish UI refresh when running DrumsSSX in 32 Bits VST2 on Mac OS. Please use either VST3 or AU as a workaround where applicable.
  • Spurious crashes in Pro Tools on Mac OS 10.8 (this problem is present since we updated to the VSTGUI 4.5 SDK. Our plugins may still run fine on 10.8 in some instances, in the long run, however, we'll have to deprecate 10.8 as a deployment target).

A: The changelog can be found here.

A: Please fill out and submit the support form with as many details as possible. We will get back to you, shortly.

Technical Support

Please refer to our FAQ first and see if you can find a solution for your issue. Fill out the required fields and provide as many details as possible in your message before submitting the form.


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